Cataract Care Services

Our doctors are highly-experienced and skilled. They are equipped with the latest technology and current methods to treat cataracts. Our services provide the highest-care possible and the doctors will work with you to design a customized treatment plan.

Eye surgery can create some anxiety about what you might experience during the procedure. However, cataract surgery is a relatively simple “no shot, no stitch, no patch” procedure. The surgery takes place here at our state-of-the-art surgery center with our eye doctors walking you through each step, including your post-operative follow-up visits.

What happens before cataract surgery?

You will need a dilated eye exam to determine whether you need cataract surgery. If surgery is deemed necessary, your surgeon will discuss the options to determine the best type of lens implant for you.

Your surgery, as well as, all necessary follow-up visits will be scheduled. Cataracts typically occur in both eyes, but are usually treated one at a time, to allow the first eye to recover. In most cases there is an interval of several weeks or months between each operation.

What happens during cataract surgery?

The operation usually only lasts around 10 to 20 minutes and is performed under a local anesthetic which numbs the eye area. Your eye surgeon will make a tiny incision on the surface of your eye that is so small stitches are rarely necessary. Your surgeon removes your cloudy lens – the cataract – through a small tube. Once the cataract is removed, a new artificial lens will be put into your eye. This intraocular lens is a clear, acrylic lens that requires no care and remains permanently in your eye. You will not see or feel this new lens.

These implants come in prescriptions just like eyeglasses and contact lenses. They come as a standard lens, which focus at only one or two distances and often requires you to continue using eyeglasses. The other option is a premium intraocular lens implant (i.e. Crystal Lens, Restor, and Rezoom). Premium lens implants restore some of the ability of the eye to focus through a variety of means. This enables you to be more independent of even reading glasses and the majority of patients find they can perform 95% of their tasks with no glasses whatsoever.

What happens after cataract surgery?

You should have someone available to drive you home the day of the surgery. We’ll schedule a follow-up visit the very next day. At first vision is usually blurry. However, within a few days your vision will clear dramatically. Most people are able to return to normal activities within 48 hours, including showering, driving, shopping and cleaning.

For the first two weeks, the eye will need extra protection. This can be provided by glasses during the day and you may be required to wear a shield at night. For three to four weeks after surgery, drops will need to be placed in the eye regularly to reduce inflammation. After six weeks, your eye is completely healed and your vision is restored. This is a once-in-a-life-time procedure since cataracts do not grow back.

Visit our education page to learn more about cataracts.

What Our Patients Are Saying

My appointments were long, but you explained what was going on and I appreciate your taking the time to help me understand my options. I feel good that I made the right choices and also about my vision. I think it is in good care with you. Thank you very much.


I was impressed by the professionalism of the office staff from check in to exams to checkout. At my cataract surgeries I felt safe and secure in their procedures. Dr Spaulding performed my surgeries and I would recommend him to anyone needing the services he offers. He was both personable and professional.


A Rewarding Experience, Between Veteran's Affairs, Tri West Healthcare Alliance and Cataract & Laser Institute. Dr. Christopher Jovez, O.D, of the VA, arranged through Tri West Health Care Alliance, for me to meet Dr. Tina Rutar, M.D. of Cataract & Laser Institute for Cataract and Strabismus surgery. Both procedures were performed sucessfully in a timely and professional manner with great results. I am greatly pleased with Dr. Rutar and her team and employees at C & L Institute and their professionalism.

RobertArmy Veteran

This place is filled with staff who values everyone who walks into their office. They take their time to show every patient the same level of excellence care and service. As response to the negative comments, I for one don't want anyone rushing to get me out the door, without full proper correction of what ever brought me in to their office. The office management, Janice and Paula have always been friendly and make sure that they have had great staff to provide only the best.


I can't rave enough about the amazing Dr. Rutar. I deeply respect and admire her skill and knowledge. I had strabismus (eye muscle) surgery done by Dr. Rutar February 2018. I'm 32 and my left eye has been "lazy" my whole life, due to an underdeveloped muscle. More than a year later, my eyes are still aligned. The incisions healed beautifully and my depth perception is spot on. You'd never know what my eyes have been though and I'll be scheduling an appointment for contacts soon. If you're considering this surgery, as scary may seem, I urge you to push through that fear. It was well worth it. My life has changed for the better because of it. Telling Dr. Rutar, "thank you" - will never be enough.


I had a great experience here. I was greeted promptly and treated courteously. Dr Spaulding and his staff were amazing. The length of my visit was to be expected for visiting a doctors office. I would not change a thing with the experience. Thank you!!!


The entire experience was impressive! The prep nurses were great and the surgery was not a problem because I was put under and can’t remember anything.???? Dr. Spaulding did a great job! I’m very thankful and Blessed to have my sight back.


I could not be more pleased by the treatment I received from Dr. Rutar and her staff. She performed two cataract surgeries for me and each time she carefully explained all the options and risks along with the likely outcomes. I was completely confident in her approach, as well as in her staff, who are very pleasant and professional.


It is easier for me to find a Ruby than a doctor like Tina. She loves her job and her patients.


The level of professionalism, kindness and care given to me before, during and after my Cataract surgery was excellent. Given the public's concern over the C-virus every preventative measure of protection was taken. The prep and recovery nurses made sure I was comfortable & remained calm before and following the surgery. Dr. Spaulding’s surgery technique is perfection.


1 one of the most professional office i seen. Very clean. Appointment on time. Staff very nice.

ECB Klamath

Dr. Rutar has a kind, gentle, positive manner in which she cares for my condition. She is honest & thorough. Thank you!


I’ve purchased two pairs of prescription Oakleys from the optical shop here, one sunglasses and the other progressives. They had an excellent selection of both high-end and budget frames and Gary and Jenny were very helpful in choosing and fitting the frames. Both sets of glasses turned out great—amazingly clear and comfortable! Highly recommended!


Dr. Rutar, you and your staff need to know that you could easily become the model of how your type of center should be run. There is such a strong feeling of caring from the staff, to the examination, to the nurses, and of course, to you Dr. Rutar.

One of the key attributes about your is that you always tell your patient what you are doing before you do it. I like that. I sure appreciate your working with me on various key points.

I know this world is a better place having you as a physician. I appreciate you and all your hard work and dedication to your patients.


Had debris in my eyes. Didn't think I flushed it all out. They got me in within a couple hours of calling and checked my eyes out for me. Very Professional and friendly staff. Highly recommend them. Thank you Dr. Barrus 🙂


I love Dr. Rutar and her whole crew of helpers. I was so nervous about having the 2 eye surgeries, but the surgery girls were so nice, helpful & encouraging, and made me feel at ease!

Dr. Rampton (anesthesiologist) explained what he was going to do.

I went through both surgeries and tests and I would refer everyone I know to come to Cataract & Laser!

Thank you for your care.


Other than some billing issues I am more than pleased with my results. Dr. Rutar made the experience safe and easy. Thank you.


I was very impressed with Dr Rutar. She immediately ordered the proper blood tests to diagnose my rare disease. It was missed by other physicians for over 5 years. It's great to finally know!


Terry and Wendy (in the surgery center) were WONDERFUL, PROFESSIONAL, and explained everything to me. They are amazing at what they do. I highly recommend the office. It is a caring environment with friendly staff. My first surgery was done at another location and they did not give me discharge instructions. Here they not only gave me the instructions, but took the time to explain it all to me. Thank you again for a great experience!!!